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A Few Words About Our Bakery

Welcome to our French bakery, nestled in the heart of sunny Palm Beach, where the passion and skill of chef Frederic Guilloud for authentic French baking has found its new home.

We invite you to experience the delectable taste of France at our bakery. It is our privilege to bring you time-honored recipes, expertly crafted from quality ingredients, all enveloped in the warmth of French tradition. Whether you're longing for a taste of home or seeking new culinary adventures, we're excited to welcome you through our doors.

Join us in celebrating the art of French baking - a perfect blend of tradition, quality, and passion.


Get to Know Our Founder

The Journey to FG Bakery

Founder Frederic Guilloud's story is one of ardor, ambition, and artistry.

From a young age, Frederic discovered a profound love for the art of baking. This passion, coupled with an ambitious temperament, sparked a journey towards mastering the craft. After years of meticulous study and careful honing of skills, he went on to establish his name in renowned baking establishments across France.

In his journey, he has opened two successful bakeries, including an esteemed establishment in the South of France which currently employs about fifteen dedicated baking enthusiasts. This journey is marked not only by a love for the craft but also by a deep-rooted commitment to quality and precision.

Known for his competitive spirit, he has acquired notable achievements, including winning prestigious contests for 'Best Sandwich', as well as the 'Olympiad of Jobs'. His talent and expertise have been recognized and celebrated in the baking industry and beyond.

Now, as Frederic approaches his 40th birthday, a new adventure awaits. Supported by his family, he has taken up the challenge of bringing authentic French baking to the United States. He aims to share and pass down his extensive knowledge of traditional French baking to the local community of Palm Beach, making it possible for everyone to experience the delectable flavors of authentic French food.


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